The Town of Georgetown is served by a conventional sewer system and an “innovative” septic tank sewer system. A conventional sewer system is a direct connection between homes and businesses to either gravity or force sewer line. The “innovative” septic tank sewer system connects to homes and businesses and the effluent flows into either gravity or force sewer line. The “innovative” septic tank sewer system requires additional maintenance of removing the contents of the septic tanks. The collection system has fifteen lift stations that discharge to the new Georgetown Water Treatment plant located on the west side of Georgetown for treatment. Responsibilities include lift station inspections, monitoring, maintenance, and repairs. Throughout the collection system best management practices are implemented for grease and odor control and for infiltration/inflow controls.

WWTP Expansion Project – Completed October 2019!

Waste Water Treatment Plant Committee
Julia Keibler
Chris Loop
Bob Woosley
Steve Toliver

Bibb Meter Program

As a courtesy to our sewer customers, we have a Bibb Meter Program in place. A Bibb Meter is a special type of meter that attaches to your outside faucet. After attaching a water hose to the other end of the Bibb Meter, it will track all of your outside water usage. This information is then be used to calculate a credit towards your sewer bill. A Bibb Meter may be used for watering lawns, filling pools or any other large outdoor water activities.
Simply go to Georgetown Town Hall, fill out a little paperwork and bring the deposit. There is an $80.00 deposit which must be cash or a check and a $5.00 monthly charge. The deposit will be refunded about two weeks after the Bibb Meter has been turned in to Georgetown Town Hall.

How do you get your sewer credit? All you have to do is bring the Bibb Meter back to Georgetown Town Hall to have it read. Your bill will be adjusted right then. You can bring it as often as you like and the credit will be applied to your account. It is as easy as that.

Updated 4-9-2020 for Coronavirus Procedures

Bibb meter season has arrived! 

As a result of the Coronavirus we have had to make a few changes to our processes.

Bibb meters are currently available for those individuals with large outside water usage needs.  There are TWO ways to sign up for the program.  You may click HERE and print off a copy of the agreement OR you may request one be mailed to you.  Simply email Tammy at [email protected]

Once completed, the signed agreement and the deposit of $80.00 per bibb meter (made payable to Georgetown Utilities) may be put into the night drop located at Town Hall OR mailed to The Town of Georgetown, P.O. Box 127, Georgetown, IN 47122.

After the paperwork and deposit have been received, we will request a town employee deliver the bibb meter to you.  It will be left on your front porch in order for us to comply with social distancing guidelines. 

When installing the bibb meter to your outside faucet, be sure that the arrow located on the side of the meter is facing down.  You want the water to flow through the arrow so that the meter can correctly read the water usage.

When you desire to have the meter read, in order to obtain a credit on your account, please take a picture of the meter and serial number and email to Tammy at [email protected] .in.gov OR you may request a read be completed by a town employee.  If a town employee is requested, the read will be done at their earliest convenience.  You will then be contacted as to the amount of your credit.

We realize that this process is a bit more complicated but we are committed to this program.  We greatly appreciate your understanding as we work to keep everyone healthy.


Storm Water

Storm water is water that originates during precipitation events. It may also be used to apply to water that stem from snowmelt that enters the storm water system. Storm water that does not soak into the ground becomes surface runoff, which either flows directly into surface waterways or is channeled into stormsewers, which eventually discharge to surface waters. In developed environments, unmanaged storm water can create two major issues: one related to the volume and timing of runoff water (flooding) and the other related to potential contaminants that the water is carrying, i.e. water pollution.

The Town of Georgetown diligently works to preserve the integrity of our storm water system through public education and the monitoring, restoring and updating damaged sewer lines to eliminate infiltration into our sewer plant, which could contaminate the Town infrastructure or cost the Town thousands of dollars through unnecessary operational costs. Furthermore, the Town of Georgetown is proud of the educational steps and certifications, which our employees have been a part of to assure that our Town maintains the highest skill level of water operators available.

Recent Stormwater project located at 9060 Walnut St, completed October 29, 2019. 

Municipal Storm Sewer System (MS4)

A MS4 community owns or operates a system for collecting and conveying storm water. Regular conveyance systems include roads with drains, municipal streets, catch basins, curbs, gutters, storm drains, piping, channels, ditches, tunnels and conduits. It does not include combined sewer overflows and publicly owed treatment works. MS4 is an “unfunded,” federally “mandated” program that requires municipalities to take measures to reduce pollutants in storm water runoff to improve water quality. The State requires the Town of Georgetown to comply with this rule (327 IAC 15-13). The MS4 is permitted under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program through the Indiana Department of Environment Management (IDEM).

Visit these websites for more information:

EPA Storm Water
IDEM Storm Water

Sanitation & Recycling

Ecotech currently serves the Town of Georgetown providing sanitation and recycling services for our community. Through contracting with this provider, the Town saves thousands of dollars a year without eliminating services or reducing customer assistance that our businesses and community members have come to count on. For residential or commercial questions, concerns, or new service inquiries, Ecotech can be contacted at (812) 206-8660 or you can visit Ecotech’s website to speak to one of their representatives or check for pickup time changes.

Large garbage and recycling cans can be purchased through Ecotech.

Trash Pickup: Monday, Wednesday or Friday

Yard Waste Pickup: 2nd Tuesday of each month

Junk Day: 4th Tuesday of each month

Recycling Pickup: Every other Thursday starting January 16, 2020

Solid Waste (Paints, Oils, Electronics, etc.) must be deposed of at the Floyd County Hazardous Materials Site.

Charge is $15 per month. Please place garbage outside the night before.

If pickup day falls on a Holiday; pickup will be resumed on the first day following the Holiday.

If you are getting rid of a mattress it must be wrapped and sealed in plastic.