Georgetown Boards & Commissions

The Town of Georgetown Boards & Commissions consists of five administrative authorities.

Current Town OfficialsTerm Expires
Ben StocksdaleJanuary 2024
Chris LoopJanuary 2024
Jessica AlexanderJanuary 2024
Current Citizen MembersTerm Expires
VacantJanuary 2026
Doug WackerJanuary 2026
Shelly TrentJanuary 2023
Jeff McCaffreyJanuary 2023
Current Members Term Expires
Brandon Hopf January 2023
Ben Stocksdale January 2023
Kim Courtney January 2023
Jason Parrish January 2023
Barbara Pullen January 2023
Rebecca Gardenhour January 2023
Current Members Term Expires
Jason Parrish January 2024
Michael Mercer January 2025
Doug Bledsoe January 2026
Doug Wacker January 2026
Jeff McCaffrey January 2026

The Georgetown Storm Water Board schedules meetings only if there is an issue to discuss and/or need to convene. To schedule or check on meeting dates you can contact the Georgetown Town Hall at (812) 951-3012.

Current MembersTerm Expires
VacantNovember 2025
Jenna LoopNovember 2024
Doug BledsoeNovember 2027
Current Members Term Expires
Travis Speece January 2023
Julia Keibler January 2023
Jamie Schilmiller January 2023
Kathy Haller January 2023

The Georgetown Safety Panel only convenes when a safety issue or policy needs to be reviewed.