There are four full-time employees that are responsible for performing and maintaining these service divisions. If you have any questions or concerns about services provided by the Public Works Department, please call (502) 376-1647.


There is approximately twenty miles of streets in the Town of Georgetown. Responsibilities include snow removal during the winter, street cleaning during the spring, road repair, street markings and signs during the summer and fall. The Town of Georgetown will comply with the National Standard Sign Retroreflectivity Program. 

Compliance dates for this program are as follows:

January 2012 – Establish a sign maintenance program that can address the minimum sign retro-reflectivity requirements.
January 2015 – Comply with the new sign retro- reflectivity requirements for regulatory, warning, and guide signs.
January 2018 – Comply with the new sign retro-reflectivity requirements for overhead guide signs and all street name signs.


Visit one of our park locations for fun and relaxation.

Georgetown Park

9100 Lois Lane
Georgetown, IN 47122

Kids can be entertained on the playground equipment, you can relax or eat under the pavilion shelter, play baseball on the ball diamond, or just enjoy the rolling water along the creek. The Georgetown Ball Park also offers spring, summer, and fall softball leagues for those interested. For reservations, please call or email Joel Kitner at (502) 292-7284; [email protected]

Ashley Mariah Memorial Park

7107 Peachtree Lane
Georgetown, IN 47122

Plentiful pavilion area, along with a basketball court and playground equipment for the kids. For reservations at Ashley Mariah, please call or email Jamie Schilmiller at (502) 376-3323; [email protected].