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Georgetown, Indiana

With toilet paper becoming such a popular topic this week, I figured it best to ask everyone to do your part to take care of the Town’s sewer system (or your septic). While wipes and other products can be labeled “flushable” they truly are not. They do not breakdown like toilet paper and cause blockages in sewer mains and backups at home. Help the Town keep sewer rates stable. Anything besides toilet paper should be disposed of in the trash.

Thank you, Chris Loop, Town Council President. 

 STARTING JUNE 15, 2020, TOWN HALL WILL BE OPEN, IF YOU ARE JUST DROPPING OFF A PAYMENT, PLEASE CONTINUE TO USE THE NIGHT DROP. If assistance is required please call 812-951-3012 or email

 If you need to pay your utility bill please use the night drop at the office or mail it to PO Box 127, Georgetown, IN 47122. To pay online see the link at the bottom of this page. 

For Coronavirus updates, please click here.

For anyone that needs special assistance due to natural disasters or everyday needs, please call 211 or the Georgetown Township Trustee, Dee Roney at 502-999-0455.

Public Notices

If you need a bibb meter, please click HERE for information on how to be a part of this money saving summer program.

If you are getting rid of a mattress, Ecotech will not pick it up if it’s not wrapped and sealed with plastic.

April recycling days are April 8 and April 22; please place it out Wednesday night. 

Yard Waste day is Tuesday April 13 and Junk day is Tuesday April 27.



Before starting your building or remodeling project, please click here for information on how to secure necessary permits or approvals.

To pay your Georgetown Utilities bill, please click here.